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Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien
1 min read Locked My Account Due To Their Mistake

A few days back I made a small withdrawal from my account, which duly arrived in my bank account the following day. Later that same day another deposit from hit my bank account for exactly the same amount. had mistakenly paid my flat currency withdrawal out twice, and even though it's their mistake, they have decided to suspended my account until they receive the funds back!

Obviously the money isn't mine to keep 😉, but the fact they have prevented me from having access to my other Crypto coins nor allow me the trade on their exchange feels a little harsh.

When I contacted them for support for help last month it took over two weeks to respond, but when they have made a mistake that has cost them money it took them only a few hours to email me directly.

My guess is that even after I return the money it will take forever for them to acknowledge it and reinstate my account.

Copy of the email received

Dear Paul,
We are contacting you in relation to a recent bank withdrawal you have requested, the details of which are here below:

Amount: xxx.xx
Currency: GBP

Your withdrawal has been processed twice due to technical issues that our banking partner experienced at the time the transfer was executed. As a result, your Exchange and App access have been temporarily disabled. We kindly ask you to assist us in recovering the excess funds sent to your bank account by refunding the amount of xxx.xx GBP via one of the following options:

- An FPS transfer to your app wallet balance - please do not forget to include your reference number
- Depositing an equal amount of cryptocurrencies into your crypto wallet.

Please feel free to return the said amount less any transaction fees that may apply. Kindly note that your access to the aforementioned services will be re-enabled as soon as we receive the refund.
Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Best regards,
The Team


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