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Feature Requests and Bug Fixes For Hey

Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien
2 min read
Feature Requests and Bug Fixes For Hey

As there isn’t a public facing way to log/view bug fixes and feature requests for the excellent HEY email service – I thought I would create my own. Obviously these are currently my own request – but if you have any to add, feel free to comment and I’ll add them to the appropriate list.

Who know, the guys at @heyhey might have a read.

Bug Fixes

  1. Unable to edit a contact – I have a contact with two email addresses, the primary one is no longer used so I edit the contact and replace the primary email with the secondary and save. The contact is not updated.
  2. Clip Doesn’t Work in Feed – When scrolling through in Feed you can’t make a clip on any content without having to open the email is full.
  3. Share via HEY app – Using the iPad app I had Twitter open and wanted to share post details so I clicked the iPad share button and choose  the HEY app – An email window opens with the link inserted, I can add the recipient and subject line but when I then click send, the screen just remains there. I clicked a few times but nothing – When I manually close the window and open the HEY app I can see that the email has actually been sent.

Feature Requests

  1. Send and Set Aside – Some emails need to be set aside after being replied to – having a Send & Set Aside option would save time.
  2. Contact Groups – Need to be able to send to groups of contacts
  3. Preview Attachment – I don’t always want to download an attachment just to read it – would be handy to have a preview document function.
  4. Print – I real print function is needed via browser and apps – there are still times when an attachment or email needs to be printed and right now there is only a work around.
  5. Exclude from Search – Search needs to be able to exclude feed and Paper Trail – over time there will be way to many results not to exclude them.
  6. Unsubscribe in Email Header – Most platforms include a one click unsubscribe in the email header.
  7. Custom Domains – An obvious one but have added it anyway
  8. When is Set Aside view – I click on an email and view it – there is no quick and easy way to get back to the Set Aside view.
  9. When is Set Aside view – It would make sense to have a way to quickly remove emails from the view – As cleaning up that view takes too long manually

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