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Ghost CMS — Super Fast Page Loading

Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien
2 min read
Ghost CMS — Super Fast Page Loading

One of my top grievances with was the speed in which my site loaded. I ran speed checks via GX Metrix at least once a week and would seldom receive anything above a C grade. Of course, I’d analyse the test results and implement the suggested fixes, but I think WordPress just had too much bloat.

I had a few chats with their support team regarding my concerns, and they always replied by telling me not to pay too much attention to reports from sites like GX Metric as their measurements were not that reliable.

I had also removed unused plugins and changed my template to Generate Presswhich is a lightweight theme — all my images were optimised

Organic search traffic to the site was minimal, if not, nothing. I ran some Google searches on my domain and found it difficult to find page listings, even very specific searches showed just unrelated content, something wasn’t right here.

I then read an article on SEO and the importance of site speed, cross device compatibility etc. So, I decided to spend some time researching the subject further.

Discovering Ghost CMS

At this point I discovered Ghost CMS and read a lot about the loading speeds and the minimalist approach Ghost users were enjoying. So, I set myself up a copy using a Digital Ocean Droplet already primed to deploy Ghost. And for a bargain price of only $5 per month!

Open a Digital Ocean account using my referral link and you will receive $100 free credit and I'll receive $25.00, it's a no brainer really!

Then I migrated all my posts across from WordPress and transferred my primary domain name.

Within a few days my traffic started to increase, not by 1000s but from nothing I started to receive around 30 visits a day. A quick search on Google showed all my pages and were easily found.

Today I ran another speed check via GT Metrix and wow, a grade A with performance showing at 96%, and that’s without any tweaking to the site!

I am now satisfied that my page loading times aren’t a problem, thanks to Ghost CMS.

From today onwards, it’s all about content, content, content.

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