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Hey, I'm nearly all yours

Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien
2 min read
Hey, I'm nearly all yours

I just need you to change a little.

I have been using on and off since June 2020. There are many features I love and a few that I don't, but overall I think it's a great email platform.

But I need two things before I can fully commit.

Custom Domain(s) for Personal Accounts

Like many users I am a solo worker and although I love my [email protected] email address, there are times I need to send and reply to emails from one of my own domain names. Seting up a SMTP server doesn't work for me as it then means I have to intrust another company with my email, rather than keep everything withinin

All that's needed is what the likes of Google Workspace and offer, the ability to add custom domains and a batch of alias names at no extra cost.

This also needs to be part of the $99.00 yearly subscription fee.

The Math

Before you all shout "there is hey for work you know!" yes, I am well aware of hey for work but for $12.00 per month on top of the $8.25 I am already paying for my personal account, starts to become expensive, $20.25 PCM x 12 = $243.00 per year.

Hey for work allows only a single domain name, if I was to add a second domain i'd have to spend another $12.00 per month, which then takes my yearly total to a whopping $387.00.

Emails disappearing into the void of previously seen

Maybe I am an old dog who can't learn any new tricks, but I simply can not get my head around having to deal with every email the moment I open it. There are work arounds to this, I know, but if I have to think too hard about using an email application then it kind of beats the point of it, i.e making my life easier.

I'm not sure what the answer is here, but I am positive there is one. I am not alone either, I have being researching my concerns and on their unofficial Subreddit, there are references of the same issue.

Maybe a 'Marked as Unseen' on the Main Menu or even within the More Menu would do the trick. Having to come put of the email, search for it again to mark as unseen is too long winded.


So there you have it - I am laying myself bare and willing to commit, I don't ask a lot in return, only to be loved back!

Paul O'Brien

I like to write about Ghost CMS, all things Apple, Google Workspace, Notion and Roam Research. I Dislike Microsoft, slow internet and Facebook. New to the world of Crypto