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Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien
1 min read - My Emails are Bouncing

When I checked my account this morning I noticed I had a couple of returned emails. The returned emails had been from an email I sent yesterday to the press office at, as I was after a couple of images for a future post I am writing on them.

The first returned email didn't give a lot of information as to the problem, but as suggested I forwarded it to [email protected], but as of yet I haven't received a reply.

The second bounced email message gave a little more detail and suggested it was being returned due to one of the IP addresses associated with being grey listed and to new! I have included screen grabs below.

Bounce message 1
Bounce message 2

After publishing my in-depth first impression post on post yesterday I have received a DM via Twitter from them, so I might reach out that way and see if I can get this sorted.

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