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Recycling Centre

Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien
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Recycling Centre

The people over at have gone and done it again and surprised us with another great feature. The Recycling Centre.

So what is The Recycling Centre feature all about?

If you are not familiar with let me explain the basics of how their email solution works.

The main primary inbox is called an imbox, the im being short for important. There are two other main areas where emails are stored. The Feed, where things like newsletters live and The Paper Trail where receipts, delivery notifications etc are kept.

User driven rules determine where the different kinds of emails are filtered to.

But one of the main problems with these areas is that they quickly become bloated and search results cluttered.

Who really needs to keep an e-shot from 6 months ago anyway?

The new recycling feature is where you can set emails within The Feed to be automatically deleted (recycled) after a certain period of time, 30, 60 or 90 days. But don't panic, if you are one of the email hoarders in the world, then you can also switch it off completely.

Keeping every email forever means ever increasing storage, more servers, more power, and more pollution -

Other options include recycling rules based on sender email address and sender domain.

You can even switch recycling on and off for a single thread.

This is a great way to keep a healthy email structure by regularly deleting old messages. Freeing up space means less storage, less servers, less power and of course, less pollution.


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